Partnership Announcement: MetaShooter Joins Yield Yeti

Yield Yeti is happy to welcome MetaShooter as a partner. MetaShooter is a play2earn hunting Metaverse game. With a focus on gameplay, blockchain, and NFTs, MetaShooter is taking hunting games to new heights. Buying and selling within their hunting ecosystem can be done with their native token, $MHUNT. Their team features people with unique skillsets to bring this game together, including a gun expert, gameplay engineers, a sound engineer, an environmental scientist, and many other interesting game developers. All these MetaShooter employees have come together to bring you a realistic, rewarding, and fun game experience.

Who Is MetaShooter?

Launched in 2022, MetaShooter has already received significant praise from the industry. MetaShooter has been highlighted by leaders in the space by Yahoo Finance,, Coinspeaker, and Entrepreneur Europe. They are currently partnered with Polygon, MetaVest, TrustNFT, AXL, and more.

Their play2earn Metaverse game provides a vast and free roam hunting Metaverse which allows you to hunt anywhere you want and explore incredible environments in the world. Use the marketplace to find rare weapons or construct your own. Choose from rifles, shotguns, handguns, knives, and bows. You can also buy vehicles to move around their free-roam world with ease. Choose your hunting towers or houses to target specific animals. And get ready for NFT dogs, expanding your hunting capabilities. You can even breed NFT dogs and their selected attributes to sell them to other hunters. Hunt hundreds of different animals species, and sell your trophies for profit. We are so excited to be partnering with MetaShooter.

What MetaShooter Can Do For Yeti And You

This partnership is the start of something great, giving both our projects the opportunities to fully take advantage of the benefits of play2earn gaming. This partnership will help us get a head start with a great game, backed by an experienced team, ensuring great success for Yield Yeti and MetaShooter.

We are so happy to be sharing this experience with MetaShooter, giving us the opportunity to help our gaming guild earn and bring more gamers to their platforms. Embracing the power of Blockchain gaming with another upcoming project is exciting, and sure to be a rewarding partnership.

Yield Yeti is the next step in play2earn gaming, embracing the security of Blockchain, the fun of gaming, and the joy of rewards. Get a better understanding of staking, yield farming, DeFi, and the Yetiverse. Check out Yield Yeti.







YieldYeti is the PlayToEarn NFT Gaming Guild where players earn in the Metaverse. Earn | GUILD DeFi | YIELD Play

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Yield Yeti

Yield Yeti

YieldYeti is the PlayToEarn NFT Gaming Guild where players earn in the Metaverse. Earn | GUILD DeFi | YIELD Play

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