Yield Yeti Partners with Angrymals

Gaming guild specialist Yield Yeti has announced it has partnered with the quirkiest play-to-earn game in the sector — Angrymals. YieldYeti, a PlayToEarn NFT Gaming Guild where players earn in the Metaverse, is due to enter its eagerly awaited IDO stage at the start of summer 2022. Angrymals, a popular fully developed game, has just successfully carried out its NFT minting phase and is rapidly capturing audiences across both traditional gaming and crypto-focused communities.

Yield Yeti CEO Tim Kinslow said: “Angrymals has taken the baton from games like Angry Birds and offers an evolved gaming experience. We love their approach, and going forward, we’re excited to add value to their much-loved gaming audience as well as some really cool NFT propositions. For us to partner with a platform, we meticulously analyze if there’s a shared perspective on what excellence looks like in the crypto and NFT gaming space. This was a no-brainer. Angrymals will play a vital role in the future of play-to-earn and we look forward to supporting them.”

Angrymals CEO Daniele Banovaz, said: ““We were thoroughly impressed by the innovative solution to yield-farming presented by Yield Yeti. They have been able to create interoperability between both DeFi and CeFi ecosystems and bring maximum benefit to users of its platform. Additionally, we were excited about expansive potential of the Yetiverse, combining aspects from gaming guilds, NFTs, P2E and GameFi to create an engaging ecosystem around their core platform. Ultimately, we were immediately inspired by the team and product that Tim and the Yeti team have been developing and are confident that they will thrive in the blockchain market. We look forward to working together!”

For more information on Angrymals visit https://angrymals.io/

For more information on Yield Yeti visit https://yieldyeti.com/



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